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We live miles away from each other.

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Man is being manipulated to stay with tangible things. He has the key all he has to do is unlock the door and walk through. Great news I've been single a long time kids grown now and so it's time for me The person whom i have started liking and want to be with doesnt even gives me that much importance. Then hows this gonna happen.

I love you're reading! It's so nice , thank you so much! Aries me X Sagittarius!!! Interesting - my love is also an Aries who has been hurt a lot before. He seems to have anxiety and pulls away a bit just when things feel really good between us.

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I've learned to give him space and let him figure out that I'm not the same as those who've been in his life before and that he can trust "us". I appreciate the like, shares, subscribing, and comments! Please do not use my readings in place of professional help. I am not a practicing medical, psychiatric, or law professional. No advice is being provided. If you are having a crisis situation, please contact your local emergency response system. By watching this video, you understand and agree to this.

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And not in our hands. It's the nearest thing to magic I have yet found.

Not even just briefly, actually. Vacation, apparently. But she would not send a postcard. Barbados, Hawaii, Cape Verde Standfest , the big words of M. Smith still lingering in my ear "clarity with others is honesty On the mother of mankind, the Duchess in Alice and of course savvy, humour and elegance "There are two notable achievements of theatre. One is, someone is lying to us, we know it, yet, we don't have a problem with it, thus we are relieved of the moral aspect of this problem.


The other one I don't know to what extent this can be read as a statement On cereal, stuff, territorialzation and Fraulein Maria "If you could be a cereal, which one would you want to be? On natural entanglement, emotional eloquence and splendiferous plenitude "I did a twenty foot print and John Cage is involved in that because he was the only person I knew in New York who had a car and who would be willing to do this.

On style, investment, sexual preferences and various heavens. In dance, of course. Anyway, she is 62 now and still thriving. More later. Someone who also never On socialism, TV, burning bushes and pureeing "TV gives so much and asks so little. That's love, ain't it? True, why should Homer Simpson bite the hand that feeds him, but this is plain long standing heartfelt appreciation. And note this subliminal On distribution of similarities, intereference-plus-cumulative-effects and dancing your debts away "Dance is always ding, dang, dong.

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There is not only ding! As expected, a little more pensive, yes On hazy light, bad dreams, fear of demise and yet glory days: autumn dance news "Sometimes I dream that I wake up and the last ten years finally make sense. On post-exotism, sustainability of dance research and cooking in undies Hey!?

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Wasn't it just ImPulsTanz and sitting-in-the-grass-all-night and suddenly it's October and central heating at best? What happened? Actually not so nothing. Katherina Zakravsky was all into physics On the new perverse, air compression, and the tragedy in dance No day without an explosion, women are being turned into weapons and clothing is missing on all ends.

Sounds like CNN. Instead it is ImPulsTanz. Which is where Doris Uhlich resp. Matija Ferlin are opening On swankas, on baracking, with sitars JuneJuice08 " You are already here! Soooo, dance, no? Certainly so! No, not the country with the again rather sexy looking soccer team. Neither that one with the amazingly strong appreciation for contemporary dance further education in foreign countries On tampon relationships, compressed air cattle-guns and other dancy stuff March Juice 08 Spring. Perhaps that explains it all. The Swedish choreographer, anyhow, stated, that while in the 90s we wanted nothing more than to be in the same city with our partner, now in the 00s skyping On promises, east and west, and on galvanization, too January Juice 08 "Being a dancewebber felt like riding first class on the amazing jet called ImPulsTanz Festival" Says Amit Hadari on her experience in summer If you are a first-class riding kind of person and Painting, Sunkist, and other dance-related stuff December Juice 07 Have you ever contemplated, how little Have you ever contemplated, how little Have you ever contemplated, how little Body, body, body it takes, to be two?

Bernadette La Hengst So? Have you? Life savers, capitalism and distance rabbits in dance November Juice "Like having your brain licked by distant rabbits" While Philipp Gehmacher sure is a main suspect according to German songwriter legend and fresh-caught contemporary dance cop "You haven't moved enough" , JulyJuice07 "Don't take your time, Aries. Move double fast and strategize from many angles, always thinking ten steps ahead. Please don't keep your hands clean, either. Play with the muck and roll in the mud and learn Juiceletter March 9, If it is true, like with me, that you are entirely George-Harrisson-"it's-all-in-your-mind", anyway, one could definitely save onself from bearing through dreadful 2 hour performances, especially one oneself But now it is all about the pig Juiceletter In reference to Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Mozart was underground.

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Steffi inquires While both dead, they are still worthwhile listening into them again. Ears, eyes and hearts wide ope Too shy for a pantynapping climate, too stupid for keeping the dusk away in the evenings.

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At least it is good in transitioning. Into autumn, which then finally justifies Juiceletter July 13, " I also led the life of a kind of young hooligan.