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The coming weeks are an ideal time to consider how to align your appearance with what makes you feel attractive. You may have some unconventional ideas about beauty and relationships, too, as Venus faces off with Uranus, the planet of rebellion.

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Mercury faces off with Uranus, activating unconventional ideas about and an intellectual curiosity in your interpersonal relationships. Your friends, and your friends of friends, are well connected enough to help you find the things you need to support yourself. While there are unexpected things that come up during work as both Mercury and Venus face off with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, you are rich in love. There are close friends and lovers who bring light into your life. The full moon on Sunday has you feeling tenderness toward your clique.

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The sun also gently harmonizes with generous Jupiter, encouraging collaboration. You are your most valuable resource, Sagittarius! You sacrifice yourself in order to meet high expectations, but this is for the better in the long-term. The sun clashes with taskmaster Saturn, your sensible planetary ruler, finding you making a responsible choice.

Exciting dates and social situations can pop up as both sweet Venus and messenger Mercury face off with Uranus, the planet of surprises. The full moon in Aries brings emotional clarity to your current living situation. This is a time to fully understand what you need in your personal life, be it an intentional relationship with your family or a simple cleaning streak.

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The planet of attraction, Venus, enters your house of fame, adding a touch of glamour and charm to your reputation. You can impress people in high places and attract opportunities that are high up on your aspirational list. Venus and Mercury face off with Uranus, the planet of rebellion, creating tension between unexpected changes in your personal life and your public persona.

Just roll with it, Aquarius. The planet of love and money, Venus, moves into your house of higher knowledge and distant travels, making it more pleasurable to venture into unknown territories as you bravely go where you have never gone before. There is a lot of tension that propels you toward these distances as Mercury and Venus face off with rebellious Uranus, encouraging a break from the norm.

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