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If the Ascendant is movable i. Chara and the owner of the first captures the ninth or the tenth. If ascendant is aspected by the planet Jupiter and the Navamshsa god of the planet Jupiter captures a dignified place. If the planet Sun is located in the Vargottamshamsa, the owner of the first id dignified and the planet Mercury captures the fifth or the ninth house.

Planetary Yogas or Combinations with Ernst Wilhelm

If the ascendant is located in the Chara Moon Sign, the owner of the first house in located in the twelfth house, the planet Jupiter is in the Kendra and birth takes place in the Sukla Paksha. If the owner of the first house is dignified, the owner of the eleventh is in the ninth and the lagna is in the fixed sign. If the birth time is the day, the Moon is powerful and complete and when the owner of the first house is dignified and ascendant is mixed be any other planet. If the owner of the first is in the movable navamsa and the owner of the tenth house captures Moveable Moon Sign and the owner of the fourth is located in the seventh house.

If the owner of the first in the ninth, the owner of the fourth house is dignified and captures the central position and other planet mixes with the central houses of the owner of the fourth house. This is a benefic yoga for the native. To know if you have Chamara Yoga please generate our free horoscope.

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Our experienced astrologers will carefully analyze your profile and provide astrological solutions.. Price INR Rs. Moon Phase Now. An auspicious Raja yoga, the Chamara Yoga is an insignia of royalty and means yak tail or chowrie. This planetary combination brings a person name, fame, riches, high social and official status, often with opportunities for administrative abilities and duties.

The native chiefly possesses favourable conditions and strength. The origin of the word came from camara or fan made of yak tail which servers used to hold alongside kings and emperors, signifying extreme power, strength, wealth and royalty.

चामर योग इन कुंडली --chaamar yog --एक अद्भुत योग--Astro Kundali #astrology

The person is blessed by a royal or is a royal by birth or has royal connections, in general. He lives a long life, and is scholarly, eloquent, well read, knowledgeable and aware of his surroundings.


According to Parashara, Chamara yoga happens when Jupiter aspects the lord of the lagna and the auspicious bhavas are beneficially influenced by benefactor planetary position. Chamara yoga also arises for people born during day time on a Shukla paksha tithi. The basis of this formation is the strength of the house lagna. There are three versions of Chamara Yoga. First is when Jupiter combines with a benefactor planet, leading to the person becoming a well loved leader or king.

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The second version is when the lagna is not combust and is in auspicious bhava. The native ends up as intelligent, wealthy and respected. The third version is for people born on Shukla paksha. The person is considerably a lucky natural leader.

Jothishi , Raja Yogas. The presence of Raja Yoga in the horoscope can provide the person…. Combination of 5th lord and 9th lord in the Ascendant gave him much spiritual strength. From Moon sign 4th lord and 5th lord conjoining is also a complementary point.

From Vimsamsa, though Ascendant lord is debilitated, it is nullified by Jupiter, the dispositor of Mercury in Ascendant kendra. Chamara Yoga is present with benefics in 7th, 9th and 10th houses. Saravali details the placement of Trimsamsa with particular reference to women in its 46th chapter.

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Brihat Jataka tells us that when Mars is in his own trimsamsa, the native will have wife, strength, ornaments, generosity, personal attraction and an enterprising spirit. When Saturn is in his own trimsamsa, the person becomes sickly, loses his wife, possesses double heart, is sorrowful, possessed of houses, clothes, servants, etc. When Jupiter is in his own trimsamsa, the person will have wealth, happiness, intelligence, attraction, respect, health, hope and enjoyment. When Mercury is in his own trimsamsa, he gives the man intelligence, education, poetic ability, eloquence, skill in arts, philosophic acumen, enterprise and much respect.