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Fomalhaut contributes to the order of the world through creative inspiration. It gives the ability to inspire through the means of ideas and aesthetics, especially music. As a Royal Star, Fomalhaut dictates the need for us to communicate and share our spiritual convictions with others through the finest of expressions. In a natal chart, those who have planets touching Fomalhaut can put these energies to use by some form of artistic or healing service. What emerges are forms that connect the material-spiritual dimensions.

For example, Brady finds "charisma, However, if these qualities become influenced by the nemesis materialism, "all that was gained by the person will be lost. Yet Fomalhaut people have the strength to overcome their difficulties " Leek had the Sun conjoining Fomalhaut, and in her book My Life in Astrology she recounts her difficult path as a popular occult practitioner and teacher.


Fomalhaut combined with her Sun to produce an idealism that manifested in many books on astrology and other subjects like reincarnation, fortune telling, and spell crafting. Early in her career Leek did horoscopes for royals like Aga Khan, but later graduated to heading an astrological consultation service for business people while publishing a successful magazine that helped to promote a widespread interest in astrology during the late sixties.

In these two endeavors Leek used the spiritual-material proclivities of Fomalhaut to teach "succeeding generations. The patient who was due for the amputation had an inadvertent orchiectomy. You cannot stop using abbreviations.

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You love to order tests: CAT scans. PET Scans. Ultrasounds and Dopplers. You want contrast? You especially love phlebotomy. Every patient gets full lab every day. You would not want to miss a drop in hemoglobin, even if you caused it with excessive phlebotomy.

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You once found a vein on a particularly cicatricial heroin addict and you are still talking about it. You love Bela Lugosi movies. Birthdate: June July You love committees.

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  • You prefer to run the meeting and talk more than anyone else. As you read this, you think it could have been written more concisely, and you advise the formation of an ad hoc committee for wordsmithing, after which it will be sent to the communications committee, then on to exec. SHM has a place for you. Birthdate: July 21—August 20 and August 22—September When you have been on hospital duty, nobody wants to take over the service from you.

    You always have the most patients.

    SunShines: The Astrology of Being Happy

    Your post-op patients get to the floor very late, and they always have ileus, urinary retention, and delirium. You are paged constantly, even on your day off.

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    The computer system just crashed; you must be on call. Your patients love you because you are always there. You never mind leaving some work for your colleagues; you would not want them to be bored. You are going on vacation and need to leave early to pack, you have a headache and are home sick, or your dog has the flu, can somebody cover? Your discharge summaries are sketchy; you like to have residents so that they can do your paperwork for you.

    You are on good terms with Inertias and always seem to be changing call nights with Nimbuses.

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    Birthdate: September October You like things to align nicely; your clothing always matches your shoes. You love consanguinity and the interesting diseases that develop. Nobody knows what you are talking about at parties. Bad news: They just discovered that Linus Pauling was right. DNA is a triple helix. Birthdate: October 21—November You think the world is changing too fast. When you are on a committee, you always find something that needs a rewrite. You always want a second review. Birthdate: November 20 at 6 a. You are first to embrace a new technology.

    You get your news from a podcast, and you have a Blackberry and a Blueberry. Your entire medical school education is saved on a memory card, though you are not sure where it is. Your secret shame: Your vintage VCR still has a blinking red light. You get along well with Chairmen as long as they move your technology request through the committees.

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    • You would like to see all Inertias implode.