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Leave the room, go to another room in the house, look at an object in detail. Return to your body, find that object and confirm all of the features that you observed in your mind. During the next sessions, you can continue to explore more and more. The people or things that you encounter on a given plane will typically be in harmony with the astral plane that they come from, and this way, it is possible for your soul to interact with others' that are also on astral projections or travels.

When you become an experienced astral traveler, you will start to form a different concept of space and a feeling of freedom that our physical bodies don't have. With practice, you will be able to astral project at night, or even after eating in the afternoon, when you get that sleepy feeling, and not just in the morning time. If you have the desire and the opportunity to experience astral travel in a way that is safe for your physical body, this will allow you to develop a new consciousness and an experience similar to what awaits us after death.

The Startling Truth About Astral Projection

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All about Cancer. The fact that inner-plane energies are not perceived by the physical senses has little bearing upon the validity of their existence, the strength of their power or their denial by academic scientists. You cannot underestimate the significance and influence of the high-velocity inner world but it will remain a no-knowledge zone until you develop extrasensory perception. You know about your local environment. Velocities there exceed , miles per second. Gravitation loses its influence on things.

Events happen there at the speed of light. The fourth dimension may be said to be time. Your soul exists there. Out of the body experiences are supported by tens of thousands of documented cases. They have been medically and psychologically tested. The evidence is overwhelming. An out-of-body experience OBE is often talked about by people who have near death experiences. You hear stories of someone who nearly dies in surgery, and then they watch the doctors surround their body and everything that goes on. If you have not deliberately tried to have an out-of-body experience, then you are most likely to have one during an illness or trauma.

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Some people can have an out-of-body experience during lucid dreaming. You can train your mind to do this, but it takes time. When you have an out-of-body experience, it is like the name suggests. Your soul or life force is suddenly outside of your body. You may just be in the same room looking down on your body. If you have trained this talent, then you may be able to travel to other areas of your home or other parts of the world.

An out-of-body experience is often more common in people who already possess some talent for clairvoyance.

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Astral projection is a more intense version of an out-of-body experience. Your soul is essentially separating from your physical body before it travels to the astral plane. While an out-of-body experience may be unintentional, astral project typically occurs when you have deliberately tried to induce an out-of-body experience. Your astral body can hover above your body or explore your home. As you develop this ability, you may be able to travel to other parts of the world or to different time spans.

When you practice astral projection, you become talented at removing your consciousness from your physical body. You also learn how to bring back your soul to your physical body. Astral projection has most likely existed since human beings first began. While this is often considered a New Age movement today, there are records of astral projection or astral projection-like experiences that date back hundreds and thousands of years.

While this experience has become more popular in modern culture, there are actually records dating back 5, years ago. Long ago, priests in ancient Egypt believed that the ka, or your consciousness, could leave the body. There are actually depictions of this happening in art from ancient Egypt. In the artistic depictions, the astral body leaves the physical body as a stream of light. Other than ancient Egypt, other spiritual systems across the world have believed in astral projection. Many cultures that have shamans believe that the souls of Shamanic healers can leave the body and ask a higher being for help in finding a healing treatment for their patient.

Robert Monroe: The Father of Astral Projection

They may have also left their body to find clarity or ask for the solution to the problem. There are also records of astral projection-like events in the Bible and in the Middle Ages. While Christianity does not call these visions astral projection, they are quite similar to the astral projection process.

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With the rise of the internet and modern communication, it has become even easier for stories of out-of-body experiences and astral projection to spread. Unfortunately, popular culture tends to dismiss these experiences as unscientific or fraudulent.