Horoscope of person born on 19 november

The more tied down you are the more stuck and frustrated you'll feel. Seek opportunities that will allow you freedom and independence! People born on the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp are especially proactive and tend to be a bit wild or rebellious.

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You like to shake things up! However, this energy can be too much for some, and could make you seem intimidating or unapproachable.

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In fact, you may often be misunderstood by others, because they never know which version of you they'll see: the fun, flexible, life of the party, or the fierce, complex creature with the sharp stinger. Born on the Cusp of Revolution, you have strong values and beliefs and you aren't afraid to speak your mind. You thrive around others who share your strength and vitality, and who don't get rubbed the wrong way too easily -- you've been known to ruffle a few feathers in your day! Your independence and intensity can lead you to do great things, but they can also cause power struggles in relationships and conflict with authority figures.

A person born 19 November 1961 has the zodiac sign Scorpio

Channel your ferocity into ambition instead of aggression, and there will be no stopping you. Your combination of vision and determination gives you a competitive edge that will carry you far in life. The ability to think deeply as well as philosophically gives you a great understanding of who you are and where you fit into the world. The energy and intensity you feel fuels your desire to make positive changes for yourself and those around you. Your bright sense of humor, optimistic outlook, and willingness to interact genuinely with others will gain you fast, loyal friends.

With the fury of Scorpio and the fire of Sagittarius, your demeanor might seem aggressive or overwhelming to those around you.

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And since you always need to be on the move, you can get impatient if others get in your way or slow you down -- be gentle with them, they could use your spunk! Your desire to fight for your beliefs is admired, but it can manifest as a rebellious and unfocused frenzy if your energy isn't channeled properly. You're a firecracker, and you need partners who respect your freedom and independence.

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Because Scorpio can be a very suspicious sign and Sagittarius prizes truth, honesty is one of the most important things to you in a relationship. You're very attracted to anyone who is passionate about their work or talents, and you love cheering them on! Let some time pass and it may maximize your chances of success. Although you will have your fair share of conflict, this is a fiery, intense and passionate relationship between equals. People born on November 19 Zodiac tend to focus their energies outward onto their progressive goals.

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Born reformers, they are at their happiest and best when they can take on the role of crusader or of the representative of a revolutionary cause that aims to replace the old and the outdated with the new and innovative. These people may have felt from an early age that they were destined to make a significant contribution to the world, and there is something about them which makes people stop and stare. Whatever life path they choose, their ultimate purpose is to play a part in changing the lives of others for the better.

They will often do this by directing or organizing other people according to principles which they believe will benefit the greater good. The confidence and crusading sense of purpose with which they are blessed will often propel them into the limelight as natural leaders; people tend to look to them for motivation and guidance. Their confidence, however, can also work against them because their self-belief can be so powerful at times that they close their ears and minds to alternative viewpoints, as well as to common sense. It is important for them to resist the urge to act on impulse. They should weigh up the pros and cons and listen to the advice of others before making decisions because, although they come close, they are not and never will be superhuman.

Until the age of thirty-two they may want to extend their mental horizons through study and travel, but after the age of thirty-three there is a turning point when they are likely to become more responsible, precise and hardworking in their approach to life. Whatever age they are, once they learn to pace themselves, take on board the advice of others and never allow pride to get in the way of progress, they will not only realize their dream of making a significant contribution to the world, they will play a vital part in changing it for the better.

Fatigue or low energy could be a problem for people born on this day. This could be due to dieting and low nutrient intake or simply to careless fastfood eating. It is extremely important that they make sure they get enough essential fats and vitamins in their diet, especially vitamin B12 if they are vegetarians.

Taking a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement is advised, but the best investment in their health is to make sure they eat a healthy, balanced diet.